AngelTech Virtual Live II 2020

Following on from the successful launch of the virtual AngelTech Online Summit in May 2020, AngelTech is delighted to announce AngelTech Live II, taking place on 2 November 2020. AngelTech will once again consist of established events of CS International and PIC International. This is not a replacement for the in-person events (they believe live face to face interaction, learning and networking can never be fully replaced digitally), it is designed to be complementary to it – to bring the industry together virtually and online to help deal with the unprecedented challenges we all currently face.

The 2nd virtual summit will utilise an enhanced event engine, integrating presentations, digital sponsors booths and the networking tools into one portal – allowing for live chat between delegates, speakers and sponsors.

Innovation is in AngelTech’s DNA and are leveraging this strength to bring you an immersive and inspiring online event without the risk of travel during this uncertain period.

The event will take the form of three interactive sessions over 1 day and will be a must attend live summit consisting of:

  • Analyst talks
  • Industrial research
  • End user presentations

Key elements of the online summit:

  • Covering key topics of the industries
  • 3 interactive sessions over 1 day of analyst, industrial research and end user talks
  • 15 minute presentations – learn from experts in the industry
  • Recorded product demos
  • Live audience questions
  • Enhanced discussion and audience interaction
  • Video panel sessions
  • Sponsors digital booth (intro video, company content, lead generator)
  • After the live event, monthly keynotes to drive traffic to the event 24/7, 365
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