Applied Opto Announces Record Laser Diode Production

Applied Optoelectronics, a provider of fibre-optic access network products made over 1.1 million units in July, nearly 65% higher than pre-COVID levels.

AOI has been investing in capacity by adding additional production equipment, improving manufacturing processes to increase yield and enhance quality, and adding staff.

The result of the hard work and investment is that they’ve reached a significant milestone in terms of laser production capacity. The vast majority of their current laser production is 25G lasers which are in high demand now in their data center and telecom segments, including 5G wireless. This additional capacity will help meet the increased demand.

Having produced over 1.1 million tested and qualified lasers in the month of July is a significant step to achieve their near-term goal of producing 1.5 million lasers per month, which they expect to reach in the 4th Quarter of this year.

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