Circuit Breaker Labs

Circuit Breaker Labs transforms electronic waste into wearable art and gift products with a studio located at Washington, D.C. These circuit boards were discarded and unwanted, but when paired with Amanda’s expertise and critical eye, they become beautiful futuristic worlds captured under resin.

Scientist-turned-artist Amanda Preske is on a mission to bridge the gap between science and art while encouraging responsible recycling. Labs always had broken equipment and dead, dusty computers piled in the corner. Always filled with curiosity and the desire to make things, she disassembled the broken waste and developed a way to morph circuit boards into her polished aesthetic.

Everything from cleaning newly acquired circuit boards, applying resin, and packaging and shipping orders all happens in the lab.

Face Masks

Circuit Breaker Labs is also providing customers with items to keep them safe and comfortable like these face masks.

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