DSC Power Solutions

DSC Power Solutions Inc. designs and manufactures power supplies for aerospace, commercial, industrial and military applications providing standard and custom power supply product solutions.

DSC Power Solutions is a power supply design house offering the small to mid-sized OEM, an affordable, quick turn custom power supply design solution for their unique electrical or mechanical application.

Our power supply design engineering group consists of senior analog electrical engineering designers with extensive history of power supply design, system engineering, project management, and manufacturing expertise. DSC Power Solutions’ design team brings a mixture of engineering talents to provide affordable solutions utilizing standard platforms, module integration, semi-custom or modified standards and when applicable, full turnkey, custom design and development.

We offer reasonable NRE charges to make your investment into a tailored designed power supply more cost-effective and less risky. DSC Power Solutions business model has a cost advantage because of our low over-head operations and our specialized group of engineering talents keep us lean and efficient.

DSC Power Solutions is located in Fountain Valley, California and provides US based manufacturing for our aircraft, industrial and military products. Our commercial volume production facilities are located in China and Malaysia.

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