GM Systems LLC


Beyond GM Systems’ portfolio of high-performance, enabling technologies, their tagline embodies the spirit of GM Systems

GM Systems is a global management and technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized  advanced electronic systems, semiconductor components, and RF solutions to a global customer base of leading OEMs seeking high-performance, market-driven technologies.

At GM Systems, they collaborate with customers in collaborative engineer-to-engineer relationships. Their engineers are involved early in product design cycles, helping customers to accelerate their new product introductions.

With broad applications expertise and innovative technology solutions, they facilitate a diverse set of applications including commercial, industrial, defense and space applications.

Their customized, market-driven solutions for each of OEM customers’ unique system requirements—coupled with a passion for excellence in all aspects of product performance, quality, reliability, delivery, cost and service—insure that OEM customers will succeed in their end-markets and applications.

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