Inspur Information and Samsung Electronics Open All-Flash Storage Resource Pooling Solution

1U flash memory up to 256TB, designed for high-density, high-performance servers and data centers

Inspur Information and Samsung Electronics announced a jointly-developed 1U server-based open all-flash storage resource pooling solution at OCP Tech Week. It uses the new Ruler SSD, based on the EDSFF standard (enterprise and data center storage) and can achieve a flash memory capacity of up to 256TB in 1U, supporting remote sharing of flash storage resources through NVMeoF technology. It is also suitable for local large-capacity and high-performance storage solutions.

With the growing application of 5G and AI in various industries, enterprise business development is facing an increasingly complex market environment. More data is generated and the requirements for data collection and processing speed are becoming steeper. As server functions and processor performance continue to improve, market demand for high-performance and large-capacity storage solutions grows. In early 2018, Intel teamed up with Facebook, Samsungand other industry leaders to launch the SSD standard EDSFF (Enterprise & Datacenter Storage Form Factor). The introduction of EDSFF has brought high-performance storage to the forefront of server development. With high-density, large-capacity, high-performance, and cooling-optimized solutions, EDSFF quickly became popular among industry partners.

The open all-flash storage solution jointly developed by Inspur Information and Samsung Electronics uses the EDSFF 1U Short, referred to as E1.S, designed for high-density, high-performance servers and data centers. It can accommodate two rows of flash dies to support larger capacity, while supporting hot plug function, lower power consumption and heat dissipation requirements.

Additionally, the product can dynamically enable all-flash storage resource pooling through NVMeoF while providing optimal local high-performance storage. It improves overall IO performance by nearly 2.6 times while reducing latency by 52%, making it ideal for databases, analytics, security applications (such as facial recognition), and transaction processing.

With the release of the open all-flash storage solution, Inspur Information and Samsung Electronicsplans to share the product architecture in the open computing community as an open source reference for more manufacturers in the future.

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