Jesus Echavarria

Jesus Echavarria is an electronic designer from Spain. Yes, in Spain there are people that design electronics! He’s an electronic engineer with over 12 years experience in hardware and software designs. Most of them are for railway applications, including security systems (SIL2 and SIL4 certifications). He’s involved in most parts of the project, from design concept to final test equipment. As a Hardware designer, his skills are: design schematics (OrCAD), PCB routing, testbench, communication protocols (RS232, RS485, I2C, 1-Wire, SPI, Serial Ethernet, microcontrollers (8051-based, some PIC, Freescale Coldfire), and so on.

He also works with microcontrollers, schematics, PCB’s and C source code, both embedded and from PC. He likes it so much, and spends part of his free time with these things.

As a software designer, he programs most of the time in C, for embedded microcontrollers or for PC applications. He uses LabWindows CVI enviroment most of time. He generates all the documentation involved in each process.

The other part of his time is for Victoria, Jorge and from July 2013, Guillermo, his three kids.

To know more about Jesus Echavarria, visit his website at:

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