New, Bright and Blue High-Powered Diode Lasers

Blue diode laser designs with kW powers are advancing in the industrial processing applications which includes cutting, welding and foil joining of copper and other high-reflectance materials.

Photonics and laser technologies are more important than ever in the modern industrial manufacturing. It offers highly powerful, flexible, non-contact, reliable operation. Diode lasers in particular are evolving in many critical manufacturing processes which includes etching, hardening, brazing, cladding, marking and welding of metals and ceramics, and joining of components in everything from electronics to aircraft engines.

Optoelectronics manufacturer Osram Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg, Germany, introduced the first kilowatt-class GaAs laser bars measuring 1 cm in 2007 for red- and IR-wavelength industrial applications, and in the following decade, improved the operating conversion efficiency of 35% to more than 65% for various devices operating between 780 and 980 nm.

“High-power blue lasers for material processing are ready now,” said Thomas Brandes, Osram’s senior product manager”. And they will open the door for more research and many new applications in the years to come.”

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