Nov10: Battery Show & EVT Expo’s

What is the Battery Show?

This is a must-attend event for engineers and innovators looking to keep on pace with automotive, consumer, medical, and stationary application growth.

The basic components of the battery haven’t changed since 1748, but its technology, materials, and applications sure have.

While first widely used to power electrical telegraph networks, today’s battery applications in automobiles, consumer electronics, medical devices, and stationary storage don’t just power our daily lives — they transform how we travel, interact, and manufacture.

Each year, engineers, innovators, and thought leaders converge in Novi, Michigan, for a conference and expo focused on keeping up with the fast-moving advanced battery and automotive industries.

Ready to inspire the next great battery application?

The Battery Show is attended by technical leaders, scientists, engineers, project leaders, buyers and senior executives concerned with advanced energy storage and will host the very latest advanced battery solutions for electric & hybrid vehicles, utility & renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications.

What is The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days?

The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo are going digital in 2020. Taking place over three days, November 10–12, The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days is an all-new virtual experience featuring:

  • An enhanced conference program with live and on-demand sessions and a standout speaker list.
  • Complimentary educational sessions at Open Tech Forum and access to the Virtual Product Showcase.
  • Exhibitor “booths” with easy-to-find products and services and the option for 1:1 meetings.
  • Focused networking activities using sophisticated, algorithm-driven matchmaking.

Get ready to not only connect with the community from The Battery Show North America, but also the global advanced battery and EV/HEV tech community from our sister event, The Battery Show Europe in Germany.

While Digital Days isn’t intended to replace our in-person event long-term, it’ll help you find the solutions and education you need until we meet in person in Novi, MI September 14–16, 2021.

Visit this link to register.

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