Power Engineer Writer Job Opportunity at EETech

This is a project commission, not a full-time position. Therefore, Consultants are highly preferred. 

Develop Technical Content for Electrical Engineers

Do you have the technical expertise in power engineering to develop high-quality content? Do you want to share your valuable experience with other electrical engineers? Consider yourself a resource for colleagues and fellow EEs?

EE Power is searching for an electrical engineer with experience in power to write and edit a digital textbook. We want to develop solid resources for engineers around the world.

EETech editors are looking for experienced engineers with impressive writing and editing skills. While you don’t need to be an academic, you do need to be an excellent communicator.

Why write high-level engineering content for EE Power?

  • Our Editorial Team: We do all of the scheduling, emailing, and administrative work, ensuring you get to focus on the writing and research.
  • Networking: Work with some of the biggest players in the electrical engineering industry and learn about up-and-coming products in the EE world.
  • Payment: We pay competitive rates for every piece of content that reaches the “ready for publication” stage.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Electrical Engineering
  • 5+ years of EE Power experience
  • Solid understanding of technical writing and editing techniques
  • Strong sense of professionalism, attention to detail, and prioritization capabilities
  • Ability to ensure technical accuracy and unique content across a variety of platforms

To apply:

Send your résumé, topic ideas, and — if available — technical writing samples to [email protected] with the subject line “Power Engineer Writer”.

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