Remote Engineering in the Post-Pandemic World, A New 3D Approach

How real-time immersive 3D collaboration technology is adding a new dimension to problem-solving and remote team working.

Just one hour of unplanned downtime can cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in the post-pandemic world, fixing equipment failures is no longer as simple as flying in an expert to sort things out on the spot.

In fact, most aspects of doing business have now become more complex as organizations have suddenly been forced to adapt to new ways of remote working.

Conferencing services have taken off as a way for remote teams to collaborate on projects when they can’t be in the same room. But two-dimensional conferencing is a poor substitute for engineers trying to work together remotely on complex 3D data to design the latest motor vehicle or jet engine.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing engineering firms to accelerate their adoption of immersive collaboration solutions to bring their geographically dispersed teams together. Suddenly they have become a business continuity requirement, as the signs are that this “new normal” will be with us for some time.

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