ROBOSHACK is a place to express your passion about robotics and it is free and easy to become a member.

This website is for everyone to share information with a growing community worldwide. Feel free to post your projects, tutorials, blogs and ideas related to robotics or electronics. </p>

It is for hobbyist, hackers, engineers and enthusiasts who have a common interest in robotics. This is a place where hobbyists and engineers can meet on the same ground to exchange ideas and learn about the next technology revolution.

You can post, edit or delete any of your content at any time and your profile can be customized show off who you are. This website also has the feature of private or public messages between other members, so you can share thoughts and make friends.

You can write a blog, an article or even a short blurb about robotics or electronics, it could be a one time or periodical blog on what interests you about the subject. Write about current events or the progression of your project or any ideas you want to share. You can also show your Youtube video within your post.

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