Samsung’s PixCell LED for Intelligent Headlight Systems to enhance Road Safety

Monolithically-integrated PixCell LED design provides precise selective lighting control to improve driving visibility and help drivers better respond to surrounding environments.

On April 15, 2021, Samsung Electronics announced PixCell LED, a new automotive LED module optimized for intelligent headlights, such as adaptive driving beam (ADB) systems. ADB headlamps powered by Samsung’s PixCell LEDs will help improve safety and driver visibility to enhance the overall driving experience at night and in poor weather conditions like fog and heavy rain.

Much more than a simple automotive lighting source, Samsung’s PixCell LED is based on new lighting technology designed to improve road safety and driving convenience. Beginning with PixCell LED, Samsung will introduce tailored lighting solutions well-suited for future automobiles, including electric and autonomous vehicles.

ADB is an advanced driver assistance technology which is designed to help secure maximum driving visibility. ADB automatically adjusts headlight beam patterns when it detects any object near a moving vehicle, this prevents unnecessary glare to other drivers. Recent developments in future automotive technologies, like autonomous and connected driving, have been raising the bar for vehicle safety standards and boosting demand for ADB systems.

The light distribution and brightness levels of the PixCell LED are designed using automotive lighting software, which makes them easily adjustable to meet diverse regulations and requirements for automotive lamps around the world. Based on a single standard headlamp design, lamp makers can customize light output to suit varying design needs and enjoy reduced lead time for development, supply, production, and time-to-market.

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