Steve Smith of ProjectAVR

Steve Smith has been interested in Radio and Electronics since he was a young lad. His father before him was similarly interested, and it was through him that he learned how to fit a 13A plug and solder (with a gas hob soldering iron!) around the age of seven.

He was lucky enough to be able to study electronics at senior school and passed a CSE, the usual qualification then, before gaining a Trainee Service Engineer position shortly after leaving school. It wasn’t for him for various reasons, so he left the job after 8 months or so but retained his interest in all things electronic, leading him to take a Radio Amateur’s Exam in 1993. He passed and was allocated the callsign G0TDJ which he hold to this day.

Nowadays, he designs small projects for fun and publishing them on and for projects based around the Sinclair ZX Spectrum machines.

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