The Everest Group – Engineering Services Top 50

The Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50™ is a global list of the 50 largest third-party providers, based on their Engineering Services (ES) revenues and year-on-year growth for CY 2019.

Note: Engineering services include all activities (across software, embedded, mechanical, and process engineering functions) that support the design, development, testing, and management of products, both hardware and software.

Here’s a short list of the companies that are included in the top 50.
• Altran
• Alten
• HCL Technologies
• Accenture

How is the Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50™ determined?

There are two distinct steps involved in determining the Top 50:

  • (1) Qualification – only the 50 largest service providers, based on their Calendar Year (CY) 2019 ES revenue, qualify for the Engineering Services Top 50 assessment
  • (2) Rank determination – service providers are ranked on the basis of their CY 2019 ES revenue and year-on-year growth. Growth has two sub-parameters: absolute growth (measured as change in ES revenue in US$ million) and percentage growth (measured as percentage change in ES revenue)

Check out the top companies here:

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