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Tortech Pty Ltd is an innovative and reliable provider of high quality three phase transformers and inverters, electrical engineering design and approval services and energy solutions to industrial, commercial and government organisations both nationwide and internationally. Established in 1987, Tortech Pty Ltd is a privately owned company with Michael Larkin (Director), and Wesley Ge (COO). Michael has owned the business for over 30 years and has taken it from a small operation with a small turnover to a turnover of over $5M. Driving the success of the company has been the growth in competitive expertise in transformer design which meets these costs and quality requirements in the every growing power industry with growth in the economy’s infrastructure with that momentum,

Tortech has become the preferred supplier of transformers for many major government organisation such as Metro Trains Victoria, Department of Defence, Sydney Light Rail, Universities, Hospitals, Satellite and Communications, Research Organisations, CSIRO, Eaton, Carnegie, EMC, Downer, Acciona and NSW Rail and many other businesses within Australia.

Today we continue to service and supply these clients with strong long term relationships. In recent years we have supported the renewable Sector with unique solutions for energy efficient design and best practices employed. These ventures resulted in the installation of transformers for micro grids on the largest Radio telescope installation in Australia. Tortech Pty Ltd also designed, prototyped approved and manufactured special transformers for curbside traffic control communication systems as part of the Sydney to Newcastle Light Rail project. Tortech is a proud family owned business with long term loyal employees consisting of 5 electrical engineers, one chartered professional and one PHD Engineer. Our engineers started as interns with our close association with Electrical Factuality at UNSW and are now experienced engineers in the company. As part of our progression and growth as a company, in 2018 Tortech successfully met the full requirement for IOS9001 after complying with the basic ISO9001 since 2006.

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