VADO Security Technologies

VADO Security Technologies develops and markets Network Data Diodes for national governments, Gas & Oil Industries, Banking and more, guarding against cyber attacks. They also develop and market advanced and innovative 1-way data diode solutions, incorporating intelligent security technology.

The company’s comprehensive, fiber optic security solutions for protection of sensitive enterprise networks integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure. The Company also provides Unique OEM solutions.


Professional Services
In addition to providing advanced technology solutions, VADO Security leverages its broad scope of in-house know-how, and hundreds of personnel-years of security experience, to provide a wide range of professional services.

Quick Start Services
The VADO Security Quick Start Program is a pre-packaged professional services solution that covers all of the steps in a VADO One Way deployment, including planning, design, configuration, and tuning, without requiring a detailed statement of work or custom professional services. By engaging specialized and highly-skilled professional services consultants, your VADO One Way deployment can be fully operational in a matter of day

On-Site Consulting & Implementation
VADO Security provides on-site assistance with custom and large deployments, or other activities not covered under VADO Security’ standard program.VADO Security consultants know to ask the right questions, and, especially, to listen carefully to the answers. Together with our clients, we tailor solutions designed to meet today’s needs and allow for expansion as your company grows.

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